Adult Day Programs

ERC offers two day programs for adults – Life Skills and Richardson Industries.  There are many options for adults with disabilities at ERC.  Whether they choose to work or take part in the leisure activities, ERC staff will tailor the program to the specific needs of each individual.


The Life Skills program is designed to teach participants how to live independently. Skills such as money management, grocery shopping with a budget, personal hygiene, laundry and cooking are taught individually and in small groups.

A computer lab is available and leisure activities including music classes, arts and crafts and a cooking class are offered regularly. Participants also take part in our Greenhouse and Gardens Program.  

A variety of opportunities are available for community involvement, including volunteering for Meals on Wheels and taking part in activities and classes offered by the Community Creative Center and Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Participants also take part in many outings in the community for seasonal and special events. 


Located adjacent to Life Skills is the ERC Greenhouse and Gardens Program. ERC clients can be involved in all phases of gardening - from planting to harvesting. Gardening has been incorporated into ERC’s mission of providing independence, hope and opportunity to individuals with disabilities. Participants exercise their independence and work toward common goals. They see projects through from start to finish, learning about their own abilities and striving to meet their fullest potential.

Planting transforms dependents into caretakers, empowering participants to care for another living thing and restoring a sense of control. Benefits of gardening include: stress reduction, building self-esteem, increased problem solving, developing of nurturing relationships, increased social interaction, responsibility, sensory stimulation and the lessening of pain.


Richardson Industries specializes in contract services to businesses of all sizes. If you have work to be done that may not be cost-effective or is beyond your current staffing levels, consider letting us handle the job.

From simple procedures to those requiring special skills, we meet the needs of the industry, whatever the task - and at a reasonable cost.

No job is too large or too small for consideration. We employ individuals with disabilities who, under skilled guidance, are capable of performing even the most intricate tasks. So, when you choose Richardson Industries, you’re not only choosing the best people for the job but you’re also offering adults with disabilities the chance to maintain long-term, fulfilling employment.


Assembly - Mechanical and Electrical

Product Refurbishing


Light Repair



and much more

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